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I’m a storyteller. So are you. It is how we connect with other people. Someone will say something, perhaps tell a story of their own, and you respond with “That reminds me of…” and you proceed to tell a story that not only adds to the conversation but provides the listeners with a glimpse of who you are.

Throughout history stories have been a way to pass on cultural and family history. They make us laugh. They make us cry. They provide a context to understand another person or culture.

Speak ACCESS Stories

Telling stories connects people in a multitude of ways.

Speak ACCESS Stories evolved from a single thought about what it was like for the Syrian refugee families who were brought to Powell River through a sponsorship program. Like countless refugees throughout history they came to a new country not knowing the language or customs.  What was that like?

That thought led to creating the Speak ACCESS blog as a platform where ordinary people could share their stories of life and living in a podcast. The vision is to build a world-wide community of people to promote greater understanding .

Submitting Your Story

Stories can be submitted by email to stories@speakaccess.com. You can record it yourself, write the story that will be read as an audio file, or via a phone interview. Whichever way you choose, remember that the goal is to bring people together for better understanding and to make connections. Submissions will be reviewed before adding them to the podcast to ensure these two primary values are met.

When telling your story, just be yourself. Don’t worry about what people might think or that it’s not perfect. We are all flawed human beings doing our best in what is too often a chaotic world. We can make it just a little better by sharing our stories.

The stories can be long or short and include the full spectrum of the human experience. You can tell us about the personal challenges you face, lore passed down through the generations of your family, or make us laugh with a funny story. The choices are endless and they’re all yours. Whatever story you choose to tell, and it can certainly be more than one, remember that something you have to say could impact the life of someone else.

“The use of fire as a tool helped to focus discussion and inspire shared storytelling…”

U.S. National Park Service