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  • Access to programs
  • User information
  • Shut down and restart
  • Notification Window
  • Desktop
  • Taskbar
  • Volume Control
  • Settings Menu
  • Full voice control of your browser with access to all commands such as history and settings.

Dictate emails, notes, lists, and more offline in a text-based format and then post it to a program

Smart features to check sound-alike words, pronouns, grammar, and punctuation with instant playback.

  • Voice access to commands and help.
  • Descriptions and examples provided of commands.

Speak ACCESS Software

Features of the Speak ACCESS Software


A mandate of Speak ACCESS is to make the program affordable. With this is mind, when it is ready to launch, after a two-week free trial, it will be priced at affordable monthly or yearly subscriptions.


Prices are per copy in U.S. Dollars and can be paid by credit card, PayPal, email transfer in Canada, or invoice.